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What can I do about a lonely Gerbil?

2020.04.26 22:28 hURBalicious What can I do about a lonely Gerbil?

So I have a single gerbil, and he he's clearly very lonely.
I rescued him from a trailer park with a tiny lonely cage and a screaming seven year old when I saw him get put up on Craigslist. I took him home, built him a sweet setup, and named him Lord Byron.
I know they need to be in pairs, but I don't want to buy from a pet store, and I figured I could just keep my eyes peeled on all the adoption websites (and Craigslist) and another male would turn up.
It's been about a year, and I haven't found a damn thing within a hundred miles of me.
Any advice? Is keeping him lonely worse than buying from a pet store?
Am I wrong to even be concerned about buying from a pet store at all? I know that they used to be aweful businesses, but maybe most of the mainstream ones have cleaned up their act due to social pressure?
If anyone has any advice (or a lonely male gerbil within driving distance of Clarksville, TN) I'd be greatful.
I'd be willing to give him away as well, as long as he'd have a friend.
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2015.06.11 04:19 kaedicat Two Scottish Folds for Sale

I'm apprehensive about posting here, since I don't see many pet sales being advertised, but I'm even more paranoid about posting on Craigslist. I trust reddit a touch more (based on past experience, anyway).
If anyone could refer me to a subreddit or trustworthy site to sell, I'd be glad to move along. If anyone here would be interested in one of these two boys, they're $350 each or $600 for the pair. Healthy, parasite free, super friendly and received their first booster shots already. I strongly prefer to find homes somewhat near Clarksville/Nashville, TN since shipping animals is something unfamiliar and nerve wracking.
In any case, here are some pictures:
And my sincerest apologies if I'm in the wrong place for this!
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