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Game Grumps 2019 Summary Part 1

2020.01.01 19:24 NotBlarg Game Grumps 2019 Summary Part 1

This post is designed to look at everything the Game Grumps have done in the past year. Both positive and negative. Everything on this list caused a stir in the Game Grumps community. I have multiple sources and if it was a talking point in two or more of those, then it was added to the list. Anything else I deemed irrelevent/nitpicky and thus ignored. I found last year's post a bit too opinionated, so I've decided to stick to the facts and remove my personal opinion, though some might have slipped through the cracks.

To fit everything on here, a brief summary has been made, but understand that context is important, and to get all the details, check the source material. Essentially, I will give you the information, but it's up to you to interpret it. To help you, links and/or timestamps have been provided for most things on the list, (I decided to add them a couple months in, but I got lazy and didn't want to dig through several months of videos to find links for things I already wrote) and I've double checked all of them to make sure they work.

Due to the amount of things that happened this year, this list had to be split into two parts. You are currently reading part one which covers the first half of the year. Part two covers the rest of the year plus some miscellaneous stats. A link to part two can be found at the bottom the summary, as well as right here.

Other than that, happy reading.

Game Grumps 2019 Summary

Wendy's Roasts Arin

Skyward Sword Streams
After defeating The Imprisoned, Arin jumps from a high ledge and dies
Dan says that he could of used the sailcloth
Arin says he forgot
Dan says you can't complain when it was entirely his fault
Arin says its not his fault the game sucks (Part 5 - 1:38:56-1:39:26)
Arin says he hates a fan's mother (Part 5 - 1:41:09)
Finale video release was delayed by 5 weeks as they normally record a backup but forgot this time
Luckily someone recorded the stream and gave it to the Grumps
SwizzlyBubbles releases This is How You DON'T Play Skyward Sword
It's over 6 hours long

Ten months after the thumbnail and Game Grumps intro were changed the Game Grumps VS Intro is finally updated
First instance: Big Crown Showdown Part 2 (January 7)
No Game Grumps VS Intro between April 24 - December 1 (From STAR WARS: THE WORST RACER to Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games)

Game Grumps 2019 Update Video
Removal of the second upload Monday through Friday
Monday: 10 Minute Power Hour (Moved to The Grumps in July)
Tuesday: Streams (Changed to Friday then back to Tuesday) - Weeks without Streams - 30
Wednesday: Animations
Thursday: Compilations (Changed to Friday and replaced with the Fan Show) - Many clips are repeated and some people went uncredited for creating the videos or credit went to the wrong person. Compilation creators Bman64, GrumpsMoments, John Odd, and Silent Lion have all either stopped making compilations or had their channels deleted for unknown reasons.
Another Schedule change happened in November

Dan officially announces that he has a girlfriend
A fan destroys a copy of Dan's Ninja Sex Party outfit and rants about Dan's girlfriend in a fit of jealousy

New Game Grumps Merch Arpeegees
$25 for 3 random pins of varying rarity
They do not have genders as they are androgynous
Arin asked for Male Harpy fan art
Arpeegees receives its own website

Kiwi Farms creates a thread about Arin (has changed into Game Grumps as a whole)
Suzy also has a thread

Kitty Kat Gaming Shuts down
Suzy will not be uploading anymore videos to Kitty Kat Gaming and will instead do streams
This might not be true as the last stream appears to be three years ago
Suzy Twitch:

Allie the Game Grumps Social Media Manager posts a picture on Twitter and Instagram about Jon Benet Ramsey a 6 year old girl who was brutally murdered
Comments on both Twitter and Instagram are negative and even Arin's mother comments
Mother's comment:
After about 7 hours both posts were taken down, an apology was made, and Allie took full responsibility

Double Switch Playthrough
Finale is the Grumps talking over another person's footage
No credit was given to the owner of the footage other than showing the video title
Owner's video:
Owner's Channel:

Guest Grumps with Weird Al

Arin Streams Kingdom Hearts on Egorapter Channel
Charity Stream for Healing Horse Therapy Center
Over $55,000 raised

Resident Evil 2 Demo
Walkthrough was needed in order to complete the demo
Despite a promise of playing the full game on release, this has yet to be fulfilled

Arin's Biggest Freakouts Compilation Released
What is this from Sonic 06 was in the video but was requested to be removed by Vernon and it was confirmed, that all other compilations will not be including anything from the Jon Era.
No official reason was given as to why the clips are to be excluded

Psycho Waluigi Playthrough
Arin chews out Axel Rose for using the N-word in some of his songs in the 80's
Wizkid creates the video "The Hypocrisy of Arin Hanson" which is a compilation of every time Arin has said the N-word
Arin's statement about using the N-word comes to light

Super Mario Bro U Deluxe Playthrough
A remastered version of a game they already played with Jon
Arin does not mention the previous host Jerry (Part 1 - 0:21-0:30)
Dan calls a 1-Up a 1-Man then says he calls it an Extra Guy. Arin asks why it was gendered (Part 17 - 9:30-10:05)
Arin has been calling it a 1-Man for years
Link: (Video is now private for unknown reasons)

Ninja Sex Party Perth Concert
A fan takes the band's used water bottles and takes them home with them

Arin asks to get in contact with RedLetterMedia
So far no collabration has been released nor has a public response been made

SlackerTV Releases The Fall of Game Grumps
Aftermath Video

Game Grumps hits (Suzy) 5 Million Subscribers
To Celebrate one random person received two Game Gyaru T-Shirts

LS Mark Releases Game Grumps Isn't Funny Anymore

February 2019
One of the worst months for both Views and Subscribers
54.65 Million Views (Lowest view count since November 2014)
19.15 Thousand Subscribers (Lowest monthly subscribers gain of all time)

A NSFW Doujin featuring Suzy called Smut Grumps was changed at the request of Arin
The Doujin is still being made with several changes including the main character under the name of Smut Redacted

Dan Turns 40

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Playthrough
Arin says he 100% beat the game (Part 1 - 6:48-6:59)
Arin doesn't know what Chaos Drives, the thing you feed Chao, are (Part 2 - 11:47-11:55)
Dan reads the same fan-fiction he read in Sonic Unleashed (Part 4 - 1:16-7:17, 9:58-15:14 and Part 5 - 0:36-17:37)
Dan figures it out (Part 5 - 14:17-15:58)
Arin never did the Chao Garden (Part 7 - 4:41-5:15)
Dan says that he had to scrap an already filmed NSP cover of a Michael Jackson song and both Arin and Dan say they can't listen to his music anymore because of the pedo allagations in a documentary. (Part 8 - 3:38-5:04, 6:05-6:19 and 6:52-11:34)
Song 6 of Under the Covers 1 is a cover of Michael Jackson's Rock with You and is still on sale
Link: (Reddit does not like this link, so put it into Google)
More fan-fiction (Part 11 - 3:19-13:50 and Part 12 - 1:19-19:28)
Total time spent reading fan-fiction (from given time stamps) 57 minutes and 6 seconds
The total time of the playthrough was 3 hours 53 minutes and 11 seconds (233 minutes and 11 seconds) so 24.4% of the time was spent reading fan-fiction
Arin talks about previous Let's Play plans he had before doing Game Grumps with "someone else" (Part 13 - 10:26-12:32)
Sonic Adventure 2 was one of the most requested playthroughs of all time as well as Sonic being a Game Grumps main flagship series
Dropped after 15 Episodes
This Is How You DON'T Play Sonic Adventure 2

Sekiro Playthrough
New Souls type game
Dropped to Streams after 5 Episodes

Nintendo Land: Donkey Kong Crash Course Playthrough
Game they did before with Jon
Jon's high scores are not mentioned and the Jon Mii is deleted
The Barry Mii was also deleted later in the year (Game Grumps Balldozer Part 1 1:22 vs Steam Rolled Balldozer Part 1 0:32)

Dakimakura Body Pillow Cases Merch
$50 for a body pillow case
Can buy both Dan and Arin as well as their Rule 63 counterparts

Any Video with ProJared in it (Grumpcade, Tableflip, Dragon's in Places) were set to private and later deleted
The Grumps have made no official statement as for the reason why
About a month later some details were revealed about ProJared, his ex-wife Heidi, and Holly
Jared later made a response about the situation
Chai and Charlie who made allegation against Jared were both Game Grumps fans and sent their accusations to the Grumps instead of the police (21:30)
The videos were privated without consulting Jared (21:59)
Jared calls out Matt from Super Mega and Game Grumps for harassment and bullying (35:03)
Everything else having to do with this situation is not Grump related

Guest Grumps with Jamie Lee Curtis

Guest Grumps with Brian Regan

Jimmy Jamboree and Franklin Playthroughs (Arin only)
Arin puts on a character for a couple of episodes
Some of the most disliked videos for both the year and the channel

Devil's Third Stream
Allie jokes she was banning people who did not like Jimmy Jamboree (Part 1 - 2:49:09-2:49:22)
Kris, the new stream tech, says they are offline when they are not
The Grumps start talking about personal things
Dan, Ashley, and Allie's plans for the weekend were revealed (They went to a Renaissance Fair)
Some people have come forward saying that Allie has banned them from other streams for what they feel is unfair reasons

Someone asks the House Party Twitter how things are going to include the Game Grumps (They won a contest in 2018 to be placed in the game)
House Party Twitter responds by saying that the Grumps are slow getting back to them so they can't continue
Game Grumps fans do not like this answer
Tweet was later deleted due to backlash

Starbomb 3 Tryforce released
Spend $100 on Starbomb Merch (before tax and shipping and handling) to get a free limited edition pin

Arin lists (Flexes?) his achievements of Game Grumps on Twitter some of which were incorrect
Arin claimed Dream Daddy was second best selling indie game of 2017. It was not.
Arin later deleted the tweet 4 days later after fan backlash

LS Mark Releases Game Grumps Is On It's Last Legs
Mark says that in a year if Game Grumps is still making the same kind of content and still doing well, you are more than welcome to dislike the video and comment mean things to him. (6:55)

Twilight Princess Playthrough
Most of this is just normal Game Grumps Zelda Playthrough Quality and I'm for sure missing stuff
Thumbnails contain old Grump heads until episode 46
Matt inserts a fart sound effect in Dan's new NSP promo (Part 5 - 0:07)
Matt apologizes for this after Dan gets upset (Supermega Sekiro Part 15 - 2:26-3:40)
Dan explains a scene from American Pie. Arin says it's gross. Dan tells him to not go SJW on him about a movie from 20 years ago (Part 6 - 9:02-9:55, 12:40-14:23 and 15:24-16:20)
Arin and Dan have to look up a walkthrough after the game tells them what to do and they read it out loud (Part 8 - 1:10-6:44)
Part 15 was lost and skipped but a week later it was found and uploaded
Arin complains that the Stalfos that teaches you moves doesn't look like Link enough (Part 16 7:09-7:30 and 10:03-12:17)
Arin says he doesn't care about world building (Part 18 - 10:44-11:15)
Arin complains that he spent an hour drawing a picture and it didn't become a meme (Part 19 - 0:38-1:27)
Arin says that the story isn't important (Part 20 - 10:33-10:44)
Arin tells a story about a fan who complimented him about his ability to play games and talk to Dan and how hard it is to do that. People were quick to counter, citing examples of every other Streamer and Let's Player (Part 26 9:35-10:38)
Arin says that he got Twilight Princess on Day 1 and beat it in a day and a half (Part 28 - 6:28-6:46)
Dan suggests replaying Sonic 06 (Part 31 - 8:03-8:38)
Dan calls Arin out for not reading dialog (Part 36 - 4:44-7:01)
The entire wagon escort quest (Part 37 - 5:11-26:42)
Dan recommends getting more Heart Pieces reminding Arin that he got stuck on Majora's Mask because he didn't have enough hearts. Arin ignores him (Part 47 - 1:49-2:45)
Arin says that Sonic Fans hate him because he rags on Sonic and gets awesome Sonic opportunities (Part 51 - 6:53-7:25)
Arin says that the Shoop Da Whoop Meme is black face (Part 51 - 13:50-14:30)
Arin complains he did not get a zombie voice actor part (Part 52 - 4:21-4:55)
In the past Arin said that he liked Twilight Princess (Zombies Ate My Neighbors - Part 3 - 10:10-10:19)
This Is How You Don't Play for Twilight Princess Part 1 (Episodes 1 - 45)
Part 2 (Episodes 46-64)

Dan comments on Reddit that they are looking for 250-300k Views for a series to continue
Someone points out that there are many series that were in that range that were dropped and that the Algorithm is not a viable excuse
Dan replies with "I'm sorry the truth has upset you."
The responses to Dan's reply are a mixture of sadness and disappointment
Link to Picture:
Dan later removed his reply and apologized
Link to apology:

Due to large amount of people expressing their criticisms with modern Game Grumps on their Subreddit, PositivityGrumps Subreddit was made

Supermega leaves Game Grumps

Ben takes over as the Game Grumps editor
A lot of people had problems with his edits at the beginning, but he listened to criticism and his edits have changed over time
Many people still feel his edits are intrusive especially the voice to text and commercials

Ross opens a Patreon

Undertale Stream
Dan says the reason he doesn't play game on the show anymore is because "I have some kind of mental block the makes it hard for me to play and talk at the same time" (Part 5 2:59:29 or 3:02:54 on unlisted version)
People were quick to counter with the fact that Dan has played games for both Game Grumps, Steam Train, Game Grumps VS, and Dan Solo playthroughs
Allie spoils the Pacifist ending
Chat chews her out for it
Allie spoils genocide run
Arin tells Allie to censor Frisk's nips because Frisk is gender neutral and they could have a female exposing nips (Part 6 - 18:49-19:18)
Arin says that they will no longer swear on streams and videos and that they don't need to swear to be funny and that not swearing will be funnier (Part 6 - 57:08-57:43)
The main reason this decision was made because of a Game Theory video
Since then Arin has started censoring himself by saying "frick", "fudge", "heck", etc
Arin gets worried by the lack of donations (Part 6 - 1:18:44-1:19:11)
Arin drinks vodka throughout the stream, and Dan offers to drive him home because of how drunk he is (Part 7 - 2:55:37-2:55:56 or 3:06:09-3:06:26 on unlisted version)
The drinking continues throughout other streams as well
"Gotta donate to give me determination" (Part 8 - 2:07:45-2:07:49 or 2:08:40-2:08:44 on unlisted version)
On what was supposed to be the last stream, Allie forgot her Switch
So instead they played Mario Maker 2 on the Switch (Arin and Dan play Super Mario Maker 2 Stream - 7:00 or 12:26 on unlisted version)
Arin says that Attack on Titan is a Right Wing Anime (Finale - 14:24-14:50)

This is how you DON'T play Super Mario 64 released

Game Grumps Subreddit reaches 200k Subscribers

Dream Daddy Comic Released

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Playthrough
Old Grumps heads used from episodes 1-18 and 45-58
One of the fan favourite series for the year (Cases 1 and 2)
Guide was used starting in case 3
Huff Puff Remix released
What should be episode 36 comes out as episode 33 skipping 3 episodes and spoiling a major twist almost immediately
Despite someone saying they would fix the issue, the next two episodes uploaded were still out of order
Kris left a comment on the third video stating that the issue will be fixed
The post credit scene was skipped with Arin saying "This is like the post credit Marvel Scenes, who gives an F" (Part 60 - 44:00)
"Thanks watching Phoenix Wright all the way through... all 5 of you..." (Part 60 - 44:23)
Case 5 was untouched
People liked this series so much that they decided to make a Ace Attorney/Game Grumps fan game

Dan and Arin's Furry History Compilation Released
Only compilation to have a Jon Clip (1:06:26-1:06:37)

Hashtag ArinAppreciationDay on Twitter
Arin Appreciation Day is not only a hashtag, but also a Twitter page that "is a holiday celebrated every 3 months on the 18th all about Arin Hanson"

This Is How You DON'T Play Spongebob Battle For Bikini Bottom

Dream Daddy Live Event
Event to celebrate the two year anniversary of Dream Daddy as well as the release of the comic books
Q+A with the developers
They also had a book signing at a Barnes & Noble
It did not go well

Game Grumps Live: The Final Party
The last time for the current format of Game Grumps Live which is playing Mario Party with the audience

Supermega opens a Patreon

Guest Grumps with Ben Schwartz
Arin states that using mouthwash will kill all the bacteria in your mouth making you more likely to get sick (1:15:42-1:16:05)
He says the same thing again in Arin's Mouthwash Conspiracy Theory later changed to Mouthwash Makes You SICKER?? (8:38-9:58)

Rant Grumps Subreddit reaches 10K Subscribers

Super Life of Pixel Playthrough
Dan tries to tell a story about him sleeping in a car when he couldn't make ends meet
Arin interrupts with a story about his morning bowel movement (13:50-14:48)

Monopoly for the Switch Playthrough
Arin says he doesn't want to say "Crazy" as well as other words because it might offend people in the future (Part 1 - 7:57-9:36)

Game Grumps Garage Sale
A two day garage sale selling old and restocked merch
Day two was canceled due to overcapacity (They received 800 RSPV's but only expected 100 people)
A couple years ago Arin tweeted that he was at a Wendys and over 500 people came
Several fans were upset because they traveled a large distance to meet the Grumps but now they couldn't
The police had to cut the line for safety reasons
At least one game was sold with a personal note in it (the person was cool with it though)
Arin sold RWBY figures that the deceased Monty Oum gave him
Arin's eulogy to Monty
Arin comments on the situation
Fans were upset because Game Grumps owns Real Good Touring a Touring Company, as well as selling out of live shows (Between 1-2k Seats), so they should have known that a lot of people would come and overall the situation should have been handled better.
Brent the organizer of the event was proud about how things went
Garage Sale was later reopened online
Hero Hei releases a video about the garage sale
Despite a promise of something bigger and better nothing new has been announced to this date

Due to a large number of people having problems with the mods on the Game Grumps SubReddit, TheGameGrumps SubReddit was created
The subreddit hasn't posted anything in awhile so it might be dead
New Mods were later added
As well as a new rule to allow crticism

Game Grumps Glitches Compilation released
All the swear words in future compilations and videos will now be censored
The censoring is very inconsistent as some clips are and some aren't
To censor the clips both the game and voice audio were removed meaning there was no sound making it very noticeable
Fans were noticeably upset
The decision to censor was later taken back and changed to be only the first minute (Mario Maker 2 Part 4 6:20)
Despite this Arin has started censoring the words he uses as well as Ben censoring some words

Ding Dong and Julian comment on the Dream Daddy Drama
Ding Dong's comment:
Follow up comment:
Julian's comment:

Game Grumps Intro changes Arin's hair streak to pink

Hard Times releases a joke article about Game Grumps

Arin says that he never was mean to anyone nice to him
People were quick to point out that in Paper Mario Arin is passive aggressive about someone helping Dan choose what badges to wear after Dan asked for help (Part 76 2:57 - 9:05 and 10:40 - 14:20)
Arin says he used to mess with people a lot more when he didn't get recognized as much (Why won't we play Minecraft?? 8:22-8:36)

Super Mario Maker 2 Playthrough
Dan says that they should give up on Ross's level in the first episode (Part 1 - 11:55-12:50)
Ross appears in several episodes
"Everything we've ever done in the history of this show that you've hated, has been because of the algorithm." (Part 4 - 6:58)
Dan says that he was hoped "I'll teach you the ways" from the Power Hour became a meme. It didn't, so Ben put in some edits saying "Let's make this a thing!", forcing the meme.(Part 13 - 9:43-10:45)
"Eat the lettuce" repeated 29 times (Mario Maker 2 only Parts 31 - 51)
"Ahh the French" repeated 51 times (Mario Maker 2 only Parts 31 - 51. "California Champagne" was not counted)

Nine years after its initial release Arin removes the N word from Metal Gear Awesome 2 as well as change the thumbnail

Dream Daddy gets a port to both Switch and Mobile devices

Chat-Mort Release Why I don't Like Game Grumps Anymore
Part 2 - Arin Actually Made It Worse Oh My God

This is How You DON'T Play for Sonic Adventure DX

Dream Daddy Live Event at San Diego Comic Con
Event to celebrate the two year anniversary of Dream Daddy
Q+A with the developers

Super Mario Maker 2 Stream
They accidentally shut off the stream PC so the first stream just cuts off

Game Grumps turns seven
More than three months later, a 7th anniversary pin was released
The Price is $28 + shipping and handling

Game Grumps opens a YouTube Membership
$5 for to support the Grumps and you get access to their Discord, pre-stream podcasts, and chat emojis
Pre-stream podcasts later release as normal videos (only one episode so far)
Streams have been cut so no more pre-stream podcasts as well as nowhere to use chat emojis
According to people on the Discord, Allie is very active, Arin rarely shows up, and Dan never shows up

Game Grumps opens a new channel The Grumps
Annoucement: (0:13 - 1:25)
Link to new channel:
Many people were asking about the previous channel Grump Out
According to the Game Grumps Discord (Allie) they forgot the password and Barry is the only one who has it
Two shows are currently on The Grump. The 10 Minute Power Hour (moved from Game Grumps) and The Show With No Name (Changed to Good Content)
The Show With No Name was originally designed to answer fan questions and highlight fan content in order to engage and talk more with the audience but that is no longer the case since changing the name to Good Content
Allie, the social media manager, is the producer of Good Content
Arin says that he is fine with The Show With No Name to have clickbait (Twilight Princess 46 - 1:04-2:17)
No new shows have been thought of. (Dan's on a Celebrity Wikipedia?? 1:17-1:28)
Since the move, the Power Hour views have dropped about 300 to 400k. Maybe more.

Arin asks on Twitter if he can be on Drunk History
So far no collabration has been released nor has a public response been made

Guest Grumps with Michelle Visage
Dan tells a story about a person who pretended to be a security guard who followed Dan and Arin backstage. (46:10-46:29)

jacksepticeye uploads I Rented Really Expensive Cameras Just To Talk To Arin Hanson

Sr Pelo releases Every StoryTime Animation
The video was an over the top animation about Story Time Animators
Arin says that the animation was mean and that old sytle Newgrounds cartoons like these are not good fun and hurtful
Chris (OneyNG who is an old Newgrounds friend of Arin's as well as Cohost of Doodle Doods and lived with Arin for several months) responds
Cory Spazkid (Another of Arin's old Newgrounds friends) responds as well
BlueBreed (Smut Grumps Author) response
The situation quickly spun out of control and "Arin" was even trending on Twitter (Supposedly at Number 1)
Sr Pelo's response
Arin's comment on the situation
Despite Arin's response, people were still upset as it was a non apology and only mentioned himself
While others threatened to kill anyone who didn't leave Arin alone (Might have to click on the picture to see the whole thing)
Sr Pelo's reply to Arin's response
Spazkid's reply to Arin's response
LS Mark (who was the egg crossing their arms in the animation) releases on his second channel Arin Hanson is the dumbest man alive
Game Grumps Instagram comments get put on limited due to the controversy

Someone leaked some images from Suzy's Alt Twitter (starboy2345) that was in protected mode
Same date as second Tweet:
Arin also has a Alt Twitter that is in protect mode (georgewilsonesq)
Nothing from Arin's Alt has been leaked
Most of it is speculation but more details can be found here

Continued in part two.
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2016.10.20 06:08 CanuckBacon Day 59 - Nashville, TN - 0 Miles

So since I'm in Nashville I took the day off and didn't walk today. I spent most of the day lying around. Me and Conner went out for lunch and after I got back I ended up being so full I just tested for a couple hours. In the evening I went to The Flying Saucer which is a bar in Nashville for a reddit meetup but it was another bad turnout. It was just me and Conner and then a guy named Mike showed up for a little while, he bought me a coke since I wasn't drinking. He only stayed for a short while since he had to get home. No one else showed up so me and Conner just went back to his house and watched the debate. That's basically all that happened today.
I charged up my various devices and did some laundry. I forgot to go shopping for food though. I guess I'll do that in Franklin, TN which is a town a little south of Nashville. I still have a couple days of food left but I need to pick up a couple things to fully restock. I also need to look into getting more fuel for my stove. I use a Jetboil which frankly is amazing. I'd recommend it to anyone thinking of doing any solo trips. I haven't talked to much about gear on my trip so I think I'll start doing that in posts in the future.
Anyway, I didn't really get to experience much if Nashville. I usually try to enter big cities on weekends but I came on a weekday. It definitely seems like a cool city so it's shame I didn't get to see more of it.
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2016.02.08 01:24 AliBali4 25F, new to city and looking to make some friends.

Hey ladies, I am a straight 25 year old female that has just moved to Franklin, TN. Unfortunately I don't know anyone here yet and I'm looking to meet some nice girls to get to know, go shopping with, get mani-pedi’s or even just hang out over a glass of wine. A bit about me, I am in a serious relationship, I like to shop, work out, go to movies/watch movies at the house, ect. I love eating healthy but that isn’t to say I don’t like to veg out in front of the TV with pizza and some drinks with the girls during a movie night. Since being in Franklin I have joined a few meetup groups that I intend on going to however I would love to hopefully meet some friends here as well! If you are interested in grabbing a coffee, hanging out to get to know one another send me a PM and we can exchange emails or Facebook information!
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2015.06.02 07:36 MisChef airbag recall = 6+hours of ???

I'm one of the lucky folks with the recalled airbags. Waltrip in Franklin is replacing them tomorrow, which means I'll be in town with nothing to do from 11am to 5pm. I live at the TN/AL state line, so driving home & back is a 3-hour round trip. No thanks :-)
The good thing is that I'll have a free rental car for the duration, although once I get my own car back I'll probably hang around for a while to avoid 65south traffic.
Seeing as how it's still supposed to storm on & off tomorrow, what's a girl to do to keep busy besides eat lunch & drink coffee? I'm up for anywhere in Nashville or surrounding. Sadly, my husband can't take the day off spontaneously, so I'm stuck doing whatever I do alone. As a semi-local, I'm not interested in any of the touristy spots. What are your favorite shops/boutiques? Anywhere nice to hang out and kill some time, ideally, where there aren't a lot of kids? Anyone interested in a spontanous lunch meetup?
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2014.11.05 20:19 VelocityRD D.C. Weekend Event Guide 11/7 - 11/9

If you know of an event that isn't yet listed, please post a comment and I will add it to the list. Events listed in bold are weekend highlights.
Maryland Irish Festival Friday-Sunday The Maryland Irish Festival is presented annually by Irish Charities of Maryland, a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization, and is held at the Maryland State Fair Grounds in Timonium during the second weekend in November. This annual celebration of Irish culture features local, regional and international Irish music, Irish Dancers, traditional cuisine; cultural exhibits and workshops, and a wide variety of quality vendors of Irish goods. The modest admission fee to the festival goes to support the many charitable causes of our own Maryland Irish community, whose members volunteer their time every year to put on this great event. It’s a family affair, so come out, have fun and be part of this great charitable endeavor. Three-day pass is $50. Individual day passes are $18.
Drink the District's Rock The Core Cider Fest Saturday Drink the District launches its first ever Rock the Core Cider Festival. Starting at just $40, attendees can enjoy unlimited cider and beer, live music, backyard games, and access to food trucks at our cider-centric event. With 30+ ciders available, come explore our flavorful variety of tastings and indulge in full pours of your favorites. Tickets get you unlimited samples from cideries like Bold Rock, ACE, and Crispin. There are three sessions: 12pm-3pm, 4:30pm-7:30pm, and 9pm-12am.
Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show Saturday-Sunday This two-day festival can satisfy almost any kind of appetite you may have for cooking, eating, drinking and celebrity chefs. The headliners for the event’s ninth year are Food Network personalities Guy Fieri and Bobby Flay, who will appear Saturday and Sunday, respectively. Chefs such as Marjorie-Meek Bradley of Ripple, Vikram Sunderam of Rasika and Tim Ma of Water & Wall are among the local luminaries who will be conducting cooking. Also on tap: Cooking classes hosted by L’Academie de Cuisine, book signings, tastings and a marketplace featuring more than 300 vendors. Walter E. Washington Convention Center, 801 Mount Vernon Pl. NW. $20 general admission per day; additional fees apply for other events.
Alton Brown at The Warner Theatre Sunday Alton Brown brings his brnad of quirky humor and culinary science antics to the stage. The two hour show is a unique blend of stand-up comedy, food experimentation, talk show antics, multimedia lecture, and, for the first time, live music! There are two shows on Sunday: 3pm (doors at 2pm) and 8pm (doors at 7pm). Tickets start at $45.
Monty Python's Spamalot! Friday Georgetown Law School's Gilbert & Sullivan Society (GGSS) is presenting Monty Python's Spamalot! This will be a fully staged production with original sets, full lighting, costumes, dancers and an orchestra, in the Hart Auditorium in McDonough Hall. The law school is located two blocks from Union Station, and McDonough Hall is just northwest of the intersection of First St. and F St. NW. Tickets are $15.
Fiddler on the Roof Friday-Sunday Celebrate the 50th anniversary of an American classic! More than just a poor milkman, Tevye is a humble Jewish father who finds his devotion to God severely tested by his headstrong daughters, who want to be their own matchmakers, and the increasingly ruthless government forcing him from his land. With a jubilant and masterful score including “If I Were a Rich Man;” “Sunrise, Sunset;” “Matchmaker, Matchmaker” and “Tradition,” Tony nominee Jonathan Hadary makes his Arena debut as Tevye in this celebration of family, community and life’s unexpected miracles, large and small. This production is ongoing through January 4, 2015. Shows this weekend are Friday at 8pm, Saturday at 2pm/8pm, and Sunday at 2pm/7:30pm.
Fotoweek DC Saturday, 11/8 through Sunday, 11/16 FotoBazaar Central, at 51 N. St. NE in NoMa, is the hub for this week of shutterbug-focused exhibitions and lectures all over the city. The festivities begin with a big party at the former residence of the Spanish ambassador on November 7, and there's also an Instagram competition hosted by the forthcoming Institute of Comtemporary Expression - a.k.a. the arts organization moving into the dilapidated Franklin School at 13th and K streets NW. Participants will get a chance to tour the building and post their photos Nov. 8 at 10 a.m.
DC Science Comedy Night Friday Another science comedy night, hosted by Bier Baron Tavern on 22nd St. in NW. Taking place from 8:30-10pm, there will be a practice/joke workshop for all performers. The event is free, though if you're feeling particularly happy and generous, there is a suggested $5 donation at the door to help DC Science Comedy continue their science comedy events in the DC area.
Eighth Annual Parade of Trabants Saturday Where were you when the Wall fell? The Berlin Wall is long gone, but one Cold War icon is still chugging away—the Trabant. Despite their questionable performance and smoky two-stroke engines, these little cars are now affectionately regarded as a symbol of East Germany and the fall of Communism. Trabants are a rarity here, but on November 8 some of the finest examples in the US will chug their way to the International Spy Museum to celebrate our Eighth Annual Parade of Trabants. Drop in to view the vintage cars, which will be parked in front of the Museum on F Street, NW, and enter a raffle to win a ride in a Trabant. While the cars are on display, experts will be on hand to answer questions about Trabants, the Cold War, and Communism, while the Alte Kameraden German Band provides festive music. Try your hand at graffiti Berlin-style and try to get past our own Checkpoint Charlie. Event website is here.
Nerd Nite: Playing with Perception Saturday Sometime what you see and what you get don’t quite match up. Like, Aunt Edna – she seems so sweet, but get a few glasses of wine in her and the Thanksgiving table becomes a scene from a John Waters’ film. Equally entertaining, for November, we’ve got a bunch of talks that will play with your perception. Everything from synesthesia to how digital tools are making teaching history more fun, to just how weird your tongue is (and why you might think cilantro tastes like soap). Takes place at DC9 Nightclub: tickets are $10, doors open at 6pm.
Anberlin - The Final Tour Friday, 11/7 Anberlin's final U.S. tour will roll into the Fillmore in Silver Spring this Friday at 8pm.
7th Annual College Park Blues Festival Saturday, 11/8 This festival is a fundraiser to help send the DCBS Battle of the Bands winner to the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN. Battle of the Bands winners The Mojo Priests will be performing, as will the DC Blues Society Band, Jackie Scott & The Housewreckers, and the M.S.G. Acoustic Blues Trio. The event is FREE, taking place at Ritchie Coliseum at the University of Maryland. There will be food & drink (incl. beer and wine), raffle prizes (including a Fender guitar!), as well as several vendors. This festival takes place from 6-11pm.
Stevie Wonder at the Verizon Center Sunday, 11/9 Stevie Wonder will play his acclaimed 1976 album, "Songs in the Key of Life," at Verizon Center. Upon its release, "Songs" topped the Billboard charts for 14 weeks before winning Album of the Year at the Grammys and becoming on of the most beloved recordings of Wonder's illustrious career. If you want to see an icon perform one of his classics in full, the show begins at 8 p.m. Tickets $49.50-$149.50.
DC United vs. New York Red Bulls Saturday, 11/8 It's the second game of the Eastern Conference semifinals! Starting at 2:30pm, United try to avenge their 2-0 defeat at the hands of the Red Bulls six days ago and continue into the finals of the MLS' Eastern Conference. Tickets are still available for this match at RFK Stadium, but don't wait too long! Recommended by spanish_bread.
Washington Capitals vs. Carolina Hurricanes Saturday, 11/8 The Capitals return from a Friday night game in Chicago to take on the Carolina Hurricanes! The Caps have had a rough start to the month, losing their first three games each by one goal. They get a chance to turn it around Saturday at 8pm.
2014 Greater Washington Region Heart Walk Saturday, 11/8 The Greater Washington Heart Walk is the American Heart Association’s mission in action. This annual celebration promotes physical activity and heart-healthy living in a fun, family environment. As the signature fundraising event, the Greater Washington Heart Walk is expected to raise $2,000,000 for the American Heart Association’s life-saving mission. There are expected to be 8,000 walkers from over 140 companies and organizations with their friends and families.
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2014.07.20 23:20 Vressic Starcraft 2 gaming group in Nashville.

New to town and I've checked here, Facebook, Google, meetup and on and on for a Starcraft 2 group with no luck.
So, here's my thought if we where to meetup we could do a LAN party, viewing parties for the eSports tourneys, and even arrange travel events for the SC2 events that are near Nashville (Like Redbull battlegrounds last weekend in Atlanta)
So what do you think?
Edit: Looks like we have a good bit of interest! Lets make this official.
Wednesday evening @7:00 pm over at B&C BBQ - 2617 Franklin Pike, Nashville, TN 37204
Grab a plate of BBQ and then look for the Terran Marine to know you have the right table =D
Please PM me these two things...
  1. Your order of interest on the following (LAN parties -- Remote eSports viewing events -- Traveling to an eSports event!)
  2. Let me know if you plan on attending Wednesday!
UPDATE Had a great time with everyone last night. We are going to do it again next week.
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