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About western culture poligamy and some other stuff.

2020.10.29 19:51 Joseias_BR About western culture poligamy and some other stuff.

I am a 18 Brazilian male. I am from a rural area in the countryside of Goiás, border with Bahia. My family is not religious, but traditional. When I was 15 and had my first girlfriend, my parents ordered me to stop that shit as I was too young yada yada. My parents are together for more than 20 years, they seem to love each other and support their stuff, are always lovely towards the relationship and are getting older and still having good sexual life (yes, I know that, my parents are one of mine best friends). My father met my mother still virgin and my mother had just 2 long term boyfriends.
As spected, I would love to have a relationship like that, but it seems impossible. I have ever slept with 2 people and somethimes I feel disgusted about myself and ashamed of my body. Some people say they have slept with more than 4 and I am like ''WOOOWW, HE/SHE IS A TOTAL WHORE''. I am diving in this seduction universe recently and I can see that today we are living in a poligamy, Brazil is very similar to US in this kind of romance culture; people tend to idealise the ridiculous ''THE ONE'', but they have a network of relationships and often cheat each other.
I would really enjoy being side by side with someone like that. Cause it is like your male side being completed with a female side. And being able to trust someone. A thing I completely HATE is people who cheat while having new aged offspring with it's wife/husband. It is like cheating your own creation, it is total disrespect with your sons/daughters. When I was younger I thought that was a far reality, but today I see it happening very often and I get like ''WEEEEEE''. I feel really sorry for those children born in households like that you know.
I know I must stop whinning and become a better person to attract the best catches and be able to choose, and I am doing that. I find myself a beautifull person, work out a lot, dress well, have dreams, working towards finantial stability, far from needy or shy, involved with sports, learning nice orgasm techniques. But where I look I can only see those westernalized people, male and female.
Those days while reading and thinking, I was like ''Know what, those things are just petty childish idealizations that I create and I should wake up and become an adult''. But I see older couples being happy together and it gives me a little hope. Besides I would NEVER be able to respect as a partner a woman that has slept with a lot of men and treated it's body like shit. If I myself had not falled into temptation, I would be more picky and just have relationship with a virgin.
Some people call me machist, but man, WTF. I dislike men that do this either. My spiritual father is like me, (I learned a lot with him too.... I am basically a better version of him). He teached me a lot of martial arts, life philosophies, manly stuff of how to be a true MAN. One day we were in our Sword Play group and he discovered that one of his classmates had a small daughter, cheated his wife and abandoned both. He called him and said he wasn't welcome there and should never put it's feet there again.
And besides that I am find myself picky. I look at the mirror and see a young MAN, with some failures, things to be ashamed of, but a MAN, with future, with life power, strenght. I would like a true WOMAN, with same ideologies, that won't betrail it's own offspring, that will endure hard times if needed to and be as brave as a lioness to protect it's family and as caring as a cat towards her partner and children. But when I look around... There are just weaklings covered in pretty bodies or even worse, weaklings that don't respect even their bodies and health.
Anyway, I would like to know your thoughts about this (from men and women), please be free to say what you think, I would love to hear... Besides, I would like to hear If there is hope; where does this poligamy culture first appeared and came from, what can I do, if you think I am just being childish and should stop whinning and accept the reality.
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2020.07.11 08:46 BasileusBasil Poligamia, poliamore, coppie e conviventi di fatto

Dopo un'assurda spirale di salti di articoli di Wikipedia, partiti da argomenti quasi completamente non correlati, ho scoperto che in italia sono tecnicamente considerati illegali i matrimoni poligami contratti all'estero in paesi dove sono legali (praticamente solo paesi musulmani). Sarei curioso di sapere come si porrebbe la legge italiana in una situazione in cui una coppia di coniugi poliamorosi civilmente sposati decidesse di bypassare la legge contro la poligamia, attestando presso il proprio comune di residenza lo status di conviventi di fatto o di coppia di fatto (non sono sicuro di aver capito bene, ma mi sembra ci siano delle sostanziali differenze legali) con eventuali altri partner. Inoltre sarei anche curioso di sapere cosa ne pensiate dell'illegalità della poligamia, intesa sia come poliginia che come poliandria. Perché pensate che sia illegale in tanti paesi, anche se storicamente, in tempi antichi, è stata una pratica molto seguita insieme al concubinaggio?
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2019.08.18 14:32 Fanfic-Shipper Very curious about this one

So I always find pics about poligamy or polyamory. Every one there seems happy and content to haven "fun" with many different partners. I myself don't really like polyamory, because I struggle to find any person sexually attractive.
That aside. Is there any fic about failed polyamory negotiations or at least where the main character declines any type of polyamory because of various reason?
I'm just curious, seeing as most of the times those negotiations are successful and they start happily a relationship.
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2019.07.09 02:18 gingy_94 Polygamous relationships should be the norm and not the exception

Humans are social, and it is well know that people cheat. Everyone has cheated on the partner or had lustful thoughts about others when in a relationship. Our lust is, in the vast majority of cases, stronger than our commitment to our relationship, and we don't have the same drive as other animals do to remain monogamous. Marriages and the idea of a monogamous relationship are archaic and were only created to tie women to one particular male partner. Poligamy should be normalized.
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2019.03.18 17:28 heardyoumeow Monogamy is highly overrated and totally a social construct.

Ready to down vote? I think it's detrimental to the stability of a family. When the parents put their ownself value and pride over the wellbeing of the family. It has been explored that humans aren't meant to be monogamous and that the idea started by a selfish sense of property over the partner. To me it seems like a selfish mentality based on jealousy and envy. Yeah from an economic pov it's better to focus on only one partner, but imagine hypothetically, how less dramatic life would be if poligamy was the standard instead of monogamy. Losing karma in 2, 1...
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2018.07.11 20:01 Polywantamorous FHOA: Working together isn't allowed

Good news, found a place, it's got an HOA but so far, so good on avoiding their ire. Keepin that lawn cut and such. Have a good one.
(The below is the original post.)
I'm a poly person living with some of my partners, 6 people in total, and we're trying to move into a house that is actually fitting for the number of people living together (Rather than the tiny 3 bedroom apartment we're in now) and we keep running into HOA rules where they won't allow people to rent to more than 3 people who aren't related. Given that Poligamy is illegal (Which is pretty much the only way we could all make ourselves officially a family in the eyes of an HOA), it feels pretty discriminatory and I'm getting so very very tired of otherwise promising homes, with pretty reasonable landlords that want to rent to us, getting quashed by a bunch of old fuckers telling people how to live their lives.
Fuck HOAs.
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