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Hey r/brisbane! We need more mods!

2020.12.03 05:29 rufflesdance Hey r/brisbane! We need more mods!

Hey brisbane. Look at that! 135k subs! The growth has been fun and all but we need some help to spread the modding duties and lighten a load of the other mods (I am just here for the sunset photos). We are looking for some more volunteers to help with some of the day to day running of brisbane to keep the spam down and guide the community in the direction of both the brisbane rules and wider Reddit rules. You will be required to un-jag posts from the spam filter, be comfortable viewing "unmoderated" content, and hopefully have thick enough skin to be called every name under the sun and political spectrum (often in the same post). We're looking for a wide range of viewpoints, so don't be afraid to apply if you think you're a little different from the usual crowd. Drop a comment below or slide into the moderator DMs and we can take it further if you’re keen. We would like to have people that we trust or would be up for a zoom chat or IRL hang and ideally, would be a name that people have seen around the community for a little while.
The mod team
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2020.12.01 14:36 hellobye123123 THE DOWN UNDER

I will be graduating with a UK LLB this year, and want to live in Australia. Would it be possible to do an LPC/ equivalent qualifier in Australia? Can anyone give me any guidance? I searched online but everything I’ve found is from 2006ish, so not sure. Any advice/ pointers appreciated.
Thank you!
Edit at 6 likes and no comments: (I am a UK citizen for background, my brother is in Brisbane as a barber on a work Visa he has been for a year, so ideally I would like to go to Brisbane but anywhere is fine)
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2020.11.24 11:56 tangymisery Wolf Rock + HMAS Brisbane, Qld - Dive Operator Recommendation

Good evening all. My wife and I will be travelling to Qld for Christmas this year. Having seen a truck load of posts on Instagram about Wolf Rock and HMAS Brisbane, we have decided that we would live to do both.
As we arent locals, we would really appreciate recommendations for dive operators in the area. We are looking to do 2 x dives per location. We have all of our own gear except tanks and weights. Ideally we would like to do a guided dive (again, not locals so want to be shown the highlights).
Thanks in advance!
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2020.11.23 09:49 sel040204 Your ideal start to the new season?

With the fixture being released tomorrow and is due to start on the 27th of December, what is your ideal round 1? I'll go first:
Sunday 27th December 2020 - Melbourne Victory v Sydney FC - Marvel Stadium (5:30 pm)
Thursday 31st December 2020 - Central Coast v Perth Glory - Central Coast Stadium (7:00 pm)
Friday 1st January 2021 - Western Sydney v Macarthur FC - Bankwest Stadium (7:30 pm)
Saturday 2nd January 2021 - Brisbane Roar v Wellington Phoenix - Dolphin Stadium (5:00 pm)
Saturday 2nd January 2021 - Adelaide United v Melbourne City - Coopers Stadium (7:15 pm)
Sunday 3rd January 2021 - Newcastle Jets v Western United - McDonald Jones Stadium (5:30 pm)
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2020.11.23 02:58 Teh_Cactus Does my "do-it-all" softshell jacket exist?

I figure given the time of the year these things might be cheaper, so here goes.
I like to keep a minimal wardrobe, and being in Brisbane I am thankful that I don't need too much winter stuff. I already have merino pullovers for work and light fleece and hoodies for casual, but what I want to find is a jacket that that can layer over that type of stuff that is:
Does anyone know whether such a thing exists? Is it too much to try and find that type of featureset in a softshell variety?
I think the closest thing I can find right now is something like water resistant but windproof North Face jacket. Does anyone know of any others worth investigating?
Cheers all.
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2020.11.21 09:13 Destijl86 Buyers advocate in Brisbane area?

As the title suggests my wife and I are looking for a buyer's advocate in brisbane to help us find the ideal property, looking for suggestions for anyone who has used one.
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2020.11.18 15:02 typical-contents The best relaxed trousers — 13 bought and tested

We find ourselves living in a new normal, permanently working from home. This domestic setting means any kind of formal dressing feels stiff. Equally, I don’t want to wear sweatpants at all times (the delivery man is getting suspicious). Enter the relaxed trouser.
I tried out 13 different pairs of relaxed slacks over a number of weeks. The Gramicci Gramicci Pants came out on top with their comfortable fit, versatile styling, extensive colourways and functional details. I also like the premium feeling and cosy Albam Ripstop Drawstring Trouser, and the great value of the Community Clothing Men’s Cotton Chino.

Best overall

Gramicci G Pant
A versatile, comfortable, and affordable pair of trousers with a diamond gusseted crotch, and built in nylon belt. Its understated look and traditional cotton twill fabric belies is outdoor Japanese lineage.
Gramicci was a brand started in the early ​’80s by a young climber named Mike Graham — the name was an Italian spin on his surname. Their early products were a pair of shorts and pants with some unique features, notably a diamond shaped crotch gusset to allow for movement, and a built in nylon belt for tightening or loosening the waist. It was a brilliant and widely copied innovation, and most outdoors companies have had a stab at it, but the Gramicci G‑Pant is the original and it remains a great pant.
Like any great piece of work or sportswear, the G‑Pant has the edge of being designed for function and feels both solidly built and extremely comfortable. It also comes in a dizzying array of colours and variants due to its rebirth as a Japanese based clothing brand rather than the more functional and anti-fashion approach of a traditional outdoors brand. The pricing is reasonable at £75 pounds a pair and it’s widely available in a huge range of colours and fabrics.
What I love most about it is its flexibility. The fabric is a fairly traditional twill so you can wear it like you would a smart pair of chinos but the nylon belted waist is and gusset crotch means it has the utility and comfort of a pair of sweats, and the minimal technical details means it’s just as good paired with a contemporary trainer and oversized sweatshirt. In fact, I wish I’d known about these when I was a 16 year old skater as I would gone crazy over the tapered/​relaxed fit and comfortable, worn in fabric. It beats the hell out of the insanely stiff Dickies or Carhartts that we were wearing.


My only issues in terms of the product itself was sizing. Presumably because they serve primarily the Japanese market, the G‑Pants come up small and I would definitely size up if you’re in between sizes.
In transparency terms I could also find nothing to help me figure out the brands environmental or production credentials. This isn’t uncommon for a Japanese brand unfortunately, but it would be nice to see some basic information for customers attempting to make an ethics driven purchase.

Also good

Albam Ripstop Drawstring Trouser
A premium feeling and supremely comfortable pair of pants available in some beautiful colourways. A visible drawstring detracts from an otherwise great garment.
The Albam Ripstop Drawstring Trouser has a fantastic loose, tapered fit with a premium feeling washed ripstop fabric (the sort of gridded fabric used for some military garments). With a small crop and and easy waist, I felt like I was wearing a pair of pyjamas. It was also on the more affordable end of the premium market at just under £100. That extra money buys you a notably better finish than the top pick, the Gramicci Pant and European production. The deep indigo blue, forest green and pastel shade colourways are also genuinely unique.
The big downside for me was the visible drawstring in a contrasting ecru, which gave the trousers a slightly crunchy/​hippieish look that was at odds with the finish and shape. I think they were going for 70s sportswear. I can’t help but wish they’d gone for a more technical drawstring or kept it internal for a cleaner finish. The latest versions of the style by the brand have done exactly this and I look forward to trying them out, especially in the wool fabrics of their AW20 collection.

Budget pick

Community Clothing Men's Cotton Chino
A shockingly good price nets a very high quality and sharp looking pair of trousers. Made in UK heritage mill Brisbane Moss but the nature of Community Clothing means availability can be an issue.
This is a great trouser, at an incredible price. £59 gets you a product made in the UK, in a quality British cotton drill, from heritage UK mill Brisbane Moss. It feels like something you could easily sell for twice the price. The fit is fantastic, with deep, flattering pleats, a loose shape, and a gentle taper from the knee.
What I love is the versatility of it. If your style leans classic, it would look great with a shirt tucked in or a piece of lightweight knitwear and some leather boots or derbies. If you’re more contemporary or streetwear orientated, with the cuff rolled up and pair of vans or converse and an oversized t‑shirt, you’ve got the perfect pair of kick around trousers. They also don’t have a drawstring so they are probably the easiest to smarten up of our top picks.
The downside? Well, basically they are hard to get. The brand produces them in 3 colour-ways (olive green, navy and a light tan which we tested) but they only make them when there is downtime in their factory — the brand is part of an initiative by designer Patrick Grant to keep factories operating between fashion collections. This and disruption from the coronavirus pandemic means that they’ve only been available in a very limited run of colours since the beginning of our review period, several months ago. Representatives of Community Clothing say that the sizes will be restocked soon.
Basically, if you can get ahold of them, these are great value for money and were a strong contender for our top pick.

What to look for

Availability: We wanted to make sure that I could find something that would be available year round.
Range of colours: We wanted a trouser that was available in a decent range of neutral colours, in order to work as a wardrobe staple.
Fabric: For our relaxed trouser, fabric was key. How it held up to being worn around the house and how it felt sitting long hours at a desk was essential. This meant primarily cotton in hardwearing qualities like twill and drill. These had to be easy to wear, clean and ideally get better with age.
Fit: Relaxed essentially, but what does that mean? Well in practice we tried everything from cropped and tapered high waisted trousers to pleated, drawstring and hybrids of both in our hunt for the most comfortable WFH fit. The fits would mostly be somewhere between straight and an easy taper.
Versatility: We wanted a trouser that could do smart in a pinch but didn’t seem stiff when paired with a sweatshirt or a hoody.
Easy Care: The best pair of relaxed trousers had to be ones we were comfortable getting dirty in, whether cooking, putting out the trash or doing basic DIY, we didn’t want them to feel precious.
Price: We figured that to be a staple you had to be able to afford multiple pairs. The price should probably sit somewhere between £50-£150 max.

The competition

The Studio Nicholson Bill Pant is a premium take on a straight leg work pant, and at £220 topped out our selection of trousers. You could feel the quality in the fabric, finish and moleskin-like brushed fabric, but the high waist tends to dig in a little if you sit in them for a long stretch and the fabric is a bit on the fussy side for an everyday trouser.
I was excited by the Garbstore Work Easy Pant. The brands AW20 collection has some ace looking fabrics and this drawstring work pant in a Japanese cordura fabric looked really interesting. The finishing and quality of the trouser were good but I’m not sure they justified the price tag and fit-wise they came up surprisingly tight/slim for this kind of style. Expensive for what it is.
The Oliver Spencer Judo Pant is a mainstay of the brand. They are well made in a brushed organic cotton, and manufactured ethically in Portugal. They almost made it as a top pick and I was really torn over including it alongside the Albam pant. But with a more tailored appearance and high waist it felt a bit too neat for this category and £50 more expensive than the Albam style.
The Oliver Spencer Workers Trouser are similarly well made as their Judo Pant brothers, but were a bit of a disappointment. In the words of my wife “it isn’t sure what it wants to be” and I think that’s about right. It has a military style cargo pocket, loose straight leg and drawstring waist which are in theory great but feel like a lot going on when you are wearing them.
The Universal Works Baker Pant is a long running style by the brand and I was really happy with them. A smart drill fabric, high waist and loose curved hem meant that they felt much more like a tailored trouser than a casual chino. That said they are great quality for the price and a good option if your looking for a smarter relaxed trouser.
The Entireworld Cotton Pleated Trouser (Type B, Version 2) was a disappointment from a brand I really love in theory. The fit was surprisingly slim for pleated pants, and I’m not sure the welted pockets on the front or flaps on the back pockets really worked with this kind of style. I was fan of the almost oxford style Japanese fabric that the trouser was made of but on the whole it felt like a timid take on a pleated trouser. If you’re still in slim styles and are looking to branch out this might be a gateway style for you but I can’t help but wish they’d been a bit more daring with it.
The Stan Ray OG Painter Pant is exactly that, a faithful take on the US workwear style, done in a coarse off-white raw cotton material and made to last with triple stitched seams. It felt authentic, stiff and not particularly comfortable. I really like how it draped through the leg. I would 100% size up on this style and it took time to break in. Cool but at £80 feels steep for such a basic utility garment.
Filippa K’s Toby Trouser is their minimal Scandinavian take on the relaxed trouser and I really really liked it. It was made of a nice mid-weight twill in a wolf grey colourway. The neat flat front with a fly is a nice touch on a drawstring trouser and it felt like a versatile item. It's especially good value at £65 and the brand has some great sustainability credibility, showing the factories that each garment was produced in.
The Dickies 874 Work Pant is the original workwear trouser and…well it feels like it. I can’t believe I used to skate in these, they are so coarse and stiff to break in, and admittedly they feel great once you get there (though the stain proof fabric is pretty damn sweaty). They also feel indestructible and are pretty affordable at around £40 but I’m too old to have pants this uncomfortable. They also come up small with a high waist, so size up if unsure.
The Uniqlo Vintage Chino is the brand’s loosest fitting, never out of stock item and it’s got a lot going for it. The brand has clearly aimed to get all the details of the classic mid-century American chino right and update them for the contemporary consumer. The fabric, the finishing on the inside of the trouser and details like the ticket pocket were really well executed. Shape wise though, this is more like a slim taper than a truly straight fitting chino and I see it as the perfect trouser for a guy who wants to loosen up but is scared off by pleats and drawstrings. Great value at £35.
This is a new guide from Typical Contents, the “wirecutter for clothes”. It’s by the team behind Epochs, a now defunct menswear blog.
We’re reviewing categories of clothing in hopes of finding the best item(s) in that category. All items tested in this guide were purchased with our own money. This post does not contain affiliate links.
Check out our previous guides on polo shirts, boxer briefs, plain t-shirts, low top canvas trainers, and summer socks.
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2020.11.14 07:49 FlowerLongIsland Studying master of counselling, audiology or speech pathology in brisbane.

I am wanting to study a masters after I finish my biomedical science degree at UQ. I am wanting to go into medicine but I did not get in this year and so decided to study a masters next year.
I am inclined towards a masters of counselling as I believe that social awareness, being perceptive and listening are my strongest skills. I have talked about this with my friends and family. Interestingly, one friend told me that this job would not have any upward trajectory in the career. I was wondering if current practicing professionals in Brisbane could give me some feedback on this. Also, there is a masters of guidance and counselling degree under education vs masters of counselling. I know that the first one is geared towards being a school guidance counsellor but I was wondering if one of the degrees was better by any means.
I would also love to hear some feedback on the profession as an audiologist and speech pathology therapist. I know that the allied health professionals are somewhat familiar of each other's jobs and if anyone had a recommendation for a specific one, that would be interesting to hear as well.
I would also like to know the difficulty of the masters of counselling/audiology/speech pathology. I would ideally like to keep my GPA above 6.60.
If anybody has any advice on a masters degree that would make me employable as an allied healthcare professional, that would be great as well
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2020.11.13 23:35 GeffersG BNE-CBR removalists

Hi all! As of yesterday I've scored a graduate job with a federal department based in Civic. My fiance and I are moving down from Brisbane in January (at this stage), although we're starting looking for rentals asap.
Ideally we would like to move our apartment contents into storage in early January while we look for a place, then into our eventual home in Canberra. The job comes with 21 days of free accommodation to help with this. Advice from anyone having similar experiences moving to Canberra and any recommendations / advice / experience about removalists, costs, and resources a would be fantastic.
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2020.11.09 06:37 prytecsolution Why should you buy CO2 laser cutting machine?

Until a few years ago there were just a few laser cutting machines with the OEMs and only a handful of suppliers making components for market and big Industry. Now, with the opening of market and spread of technology in different countries, there are thousands of lasers cutting machines in the market.
Laser technology has taken time to grow and develop. Today there are several laser technologies that different industries are using to serve their purpose. Different types of laser technologies are in use depending on their use and end products.
Benefits of using the Laser Technology
Laser technology has helped immensely in production of precision components and products. Ever since manufacturers have started using CO2 laser machine Brisbane, quality of products manufactured by them have become standard and precise.
Earlier on when big companies used to employ small industry to manufacture their components, there used to be fitting problems as quality and size mis-matches were very common.
CO2 laser machine Melbourne has made production lines faster and efficient. With use of laser machines, the work that used to take 4-6 hours is easily completed in less than a quarter of that time with the bonus of very less cost as compared to the traditional machines.
Choosing the best Laser Cutting Machine
Before buying a CO2 Laser cutting machine, you need to analyse deeply about your objective of buying the machine and the type of material that you need to process. There are several types of laser cutting machines and each machine uses different technology and is used for certain specific raw materials.
Some CO2 laser cutting machine Sydney uses less power and is ideal where your work deals with cutting or engraving small jobs that don’t require much space and power. These machines are not very cheap and should be carefully thought before making ultimate purchase. Lighter machines can cut soft materials like aluminium, acrylic, wood, leather, paper etc.
There are some medium quality CO2 laser cutting machines Brisbane that is also compact and uses very small foot print. These machines are very easy and convenient to use. They come with a user manual and can be operated very easily without much trouble.
These machines have can cut medium heavy metals and other raw materials. They can be used to cut or etch very fine prints and portraits on different types of metals and materials like anodized aluminium, acrylic, wood, leather, paper and many more.
Then there are heavy desktop laser cutting machines that need good amount of space and power to operate. These machines can cut thicker and stronger metals like mild steel, stainless steel apart from all other raw materials that lighter versions can cut.
This type of desktop laser cutting machines are now very common and are being heavily used by many industries to increase their production and quality of their products.
If you require a stable and high quality desktop Laser Cutters Brisbane any of CO2 laser cutting machines, that you wish to last for a long time, just contact Prytec Solutions. It has a wide range of CO2 laser cutting machines and other laser cutting machines. They are pioneer in the field of laser cutting machine technology and offer latest solutions for your needs.
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2020.11.09 06:07 prytecsolution Laser Cutting Machines

LASER is an acronym for the term that stands for ‘Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation’. Lasers can be described as powerful beams of electromagnetic radiation that can be made from visible light, x-rays, ultraviolet light or infrared light.
Based on different medium for electromagnetic radiation beams, several types of laser are created. These types are;
• Solid state lasers • Gas lasers • Excimer lasers • Dye lasers • Semi-conductor lasers.
As per the medium required for the working, different laser machines are used for marking, engraving and cutting metals, plastics, carbides, painted substrates, electronic components and many more materials.
These powerful laser beams are quite often used in different fields of science, research and industry.
As on date, laser beams have proved their utility in the field of with Medical, Welding, Cutting, Heat Treatment, Surveying, Garment Industry, Laser Nuclear Fusion, Communication, Laser Printing, CDs and Optical Discs, Spectroscopy, Barcode Scanners, Laser Cooling etc. For commercial purposes the laser machines with unmatched software;Laser Cutters Sydney like CNC Machines, CO2 Lasers, Fibre Lasers, UV Printers, and Large Format Printers besides many others are available to perform various functions.
Advanced Laser Systems
Using an Advanced Laser System i.e. Metal CO2 Laser source, efficient desktop laser machine Sydney is useful for businesses that require a Laser machine with a small footprint. It is ideal for cutting all sorts of materials, engraving and etching materials like acrylic, fabric, leather, paper and various types of woods.
Specially created laser system in the desktop laser machine Sydney is very compact and easy to use. You just need to plug-in the machine through USB cable or Wi-Fi connection and can be operated with its touch-screen controller that even helps in moving the machine to desired location.
Laser cutting machines
According to the laser source Metal Cutting Machine Sydney for metals can be a fibre laser or CO2 laser cutting machine. Most lasers utilize high power capacity CO2 lasers for cutting through even steel plates and anodized aluminium. On the other hand, fibre laser is a laser in which active medium is based on optical fibre is inebriated with rare earth elements like Erbium, Ytterbium, Neodymium, Dysprosium, Praseodymium, Thulium and Holmium. These earth elements are known to provide light amplification without lasing that helps in providing fibre laser Melbourne an extended life time.
Fibre laser Sydney is reliable, exhibit high temperature and vibration stability.
The additional high peak power and better beam quality of fibre lasers facilitates improved marking, engraving and providing clean and smoothly cut edges at a faster cutting speeds.
Uses of Fibre Laser Cutting Machine
Fibre laser Melbourne is solid state laser and being smaller in diameter than CO2 Laser Machine Brisbane to have the best beam quality which produces best results.
Fibre lasers are used in various fields like:
• Medical devices • Jewellery • Automotive industry • Electronic devices • Textile
When you need to complete your cutting, engraving or etching jobs faster and with utmost precision; your need for Laser or Fibre Laser machines can be aptly address by Laser Cutting Machines.
The company is a leading maker of top quality yet cost-effective desktop laser or fibre Laser Cutters Melbourne to serve needs of valued clients.
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2020.11.07 12:13 KaydosLimitBreak How 2020 impacted this small indie game dev team

Hey Reddit Game Devs,
Wow 2020 sure has been a wild and stupid year for us all. It’s definitely impacted video game development - like no doubt we’ve all seen “game delayed due to COVID-19” etc. but not exactly the ‘why or how COVID has impacted them’. I thought it would be interesting to share how this year (and not just COVID) has directly impacted our small indie dev team in Australia. Hopefully this can give future devs a heads up on some potential pitfalls or fellow game devs can have that bit of relief and wallow in pity with the rest of us (or maybe your year was awesome?). So let’s get the elephant out of the room first...

First my thoughts go to those that unfortunately lost their lives or loved ones due to this horrible virus, we were very fortunate to not have this happen to us.
Our dev team all have full time jobs so we work on our game, Brimstone Brawlers, in our spare time so after work or on weekends. We were all very fortunate to keep our jobs during COVID-19 and to work from home but it did impact us in different ways.
Personally I love working from home - having less hours to commute gives me more valuable time to spend on game dev or other projects or to exercise or whatever. As I work for a digital marketing agency I found our client base rapidly and ridiculously expanding as many needed to focus their traditional marketing efforts into digital. This unfortunately created a lot of additional work hours as well as extra strain on my mental and physical wellbeing. Here in Australia, and especially in Brisbane, the pandemic has been fairly well contained and so I was only able to work from home a few months before returning to the office for four out of the five days. This then meant I lost that valuable extra time but was still being overworked which unfortunately meant when I got home I was usually too tired or lacked drive to do stuff as I normally would. All of this was also on top of the stress, anxiety and those other bad things COVID-19 affected us all on a daily basis. I am still grateful I had paid employment during this though.
Our main game developer, Chris (aka Ategig), had a different experience as he found working from home made it much harder to separate work from game development, as his personal game dev space became a work space as well. Often after work he would head home with excitement as it meant he could continue to working on the game. The lack of clear transition between work and game dev caused him to lose motivation at times, and as an indie dev team we know how much hinges on staying motivated!
For him it went beyond that as each Friday at work he and his colleagues would have fun spending the afternoon playing the latest build of his game (I should mention Brimstone Brawlers is a multiplayer arena brawler) but obviously that hasn’t happened in a long time. Which leads into...

The lack of physical events sucks
Events such as PAX are so amazing - that moment when it hits opening and balloons drop down, music blares and people rush in (and usually past the indie section to the AAA games lol - usually we get the later ones though), the atmosphere of gaming lights and sounds, as well as the sense of inclusion of being part of the gaming community - I really do miss it. Obviously they didn’t happen so much this year - there was an online event given the circumstances but unfortunately it doesn’t carry the same feeling. Obviously understandable but I could see the lack of physical events hurting indie devs.
Last year at PAX Australia we found our booth would constantly be filled with people playing or watching Brimstone Brawlers. Our game can be played online but I think games of this genre or party games shine when you’re in the same space - ideally on the couch with your mates. I could see single player experiences being impacted much less - as their main interaction is between the player and the game, but it especially hurt us and our multiplayer game. Just wondering if any other devs working on a multiplayer game felt this way too this past year?
Being at these events also adds a sense of credibility to your game - you’ve spent money, time and usually a lot of gruelling effort to showcase your game, whereas uploading a demo of your game online doesn’t require the same level of commitment. It’s also fairly common now for games to have demos or betas so it doesn’t feel as special. Unfortunately you therefore lose that potential credibility - which can separate you from ‘the rest’ with not only the general gaming audience but in particular press and influencer attention. Last year we managed to book lots of interviews and gain valuable earned media, but sadly not in the same way this year.
Then there is of course the ability to directly engage with players and get their reactions and immediate feedback which can be super useful, especially compared to other feedback methods such as watching Twitch streams where they tend to exaggerate things as part of the entertainment or written feedback left on Steam forms tend to not necessarily paint the whole picture. People being able to try out your game before buying is also becoming more important as...

Price barrier becoming an issue for games
While this shift has been coming for a while I think it ramped up this year - people simply seem less likely to purchase games in general - especially at full cost and indie games will be the first to be heavily impacted - especially self published titles. The ever rise of Free to Play (Hello Fortnite and Genshin Impact) make this very apparent but then we have PlayStation and their monthly PS Plus games (and the upcoming PS Collection for PS5 consoles), EPIC has been giving away very solid games each week for free, and Xbox has has their Games With Gold and have mega ramped up their efforts in the subscription space this year with their Game Pass. Like why do people even really need to outright purchase games anymore?
Ignoring Nintendo because they tend to have a more old-school audience (however we have seen them output more demos, betas and ‘Free To Start’ games recently), but it makes releasing your first game on PC, Xbox or PS with the more traditional pricing approach much more challenging - either you’ll need a good indie publisher, spend a lot of resources (time and/or money) on marketing or get lucky (which isn't the best thing to hear about your livelihood).
As we saw people were staying home more during the early stages of the pandemic we rushed to try and release Brimstone Brawlers into Early Access sooner, although admittedly we still think that was too late and we missed out on the peak moment. For our game we originally explored other options on Steam (such as four pack bundles - discontinued, demo - wouldn’t allow players to play with those on the full game) but instead released it with a set price. It unfortunately didn’t sell well.
We then finally found a way where we could release a version of the base game for free and then get players to upgrade to the Founder’s Edition to support us. So after several months we managed to release this version in October where we were immediately more successful, just reinforcing how the price-entry for games is becoming a bigger barrier. This was also despite the online attention becoming very competitive at this time - especially with the upcoming consoles. Speaking of…

Will there be Backwards Compatibility?
As a gamer and consumer I absolutely 100% love backwards compatibility - hands down it’s awesome. However as a dev it scares the **** out of me. This now means there is no real opportunity to release for a new platform with little competition but lots of potential (well I guess there was/is Stadia…lol). Every game released now is immediately going against the growing number of 2600ish Xbox games (prob more including OG and 360) and 3000ish games on PlayStation 4/5. That’s pretty scary to consider. There is little room for new indie titles to get noticed - and most of the ones that do (Untitled Goose Game, Fall Guys etc.) have a major publisher. I’m surprised this isn’t talked about more!
We are still a while off doing console versions of Brimstone Brawlers, however it was the lack of knowing whether the new consoles would be backwards compatible that was the issue. The cloak and dagger secrecy nature of the game dev industry can definitely lead to a lot of frustration! As a consumer it was kind of frustrating, but as an indie dev it was a nightmare for planning - for example if they weren’t backwards compatible that might mean extra time developing a separate version for each as well as testing and everything related. This also means you can’t plan a schedule or allocate budget accordingly. It kind of put a big question mark which lasted several months from “E3 time”, when it was expected to be announced, to I believe October for confirmation.
For us in particular it created an issue when applying for grants - for some of these you need to be very thorough with your budgeting or time schedules, however with such major unknowns we couldn’t, and sometimes the people in charge of these grants don’t share the knowledge about the current gaming climate as we do. A grant would be so useful to us. Fingers crossed - as an indie dev you need all the luck you can get.
Thanks a lot for reading, hopefully this was something you found interesting - perhaps you encountered similar obstacles or had your own - comment below I guess. Or if you’d like to reach out to Ategig or myself on Twitter for a personal chat that would be cool. Also guess we should link to our game, Brimstone Brawlers, after all we need all the help we can get!
Best of luck with your game dev projects! :)
- Kaydos
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2020.11.05 12:53 prytecsolution Acrylic Laser Fabrication Melbourne

Acrylic plastic is such a highly versatile material that it has been used in an extensive variety of products whether they are vehicles, everyday products, or consumer electronics. The favored features of acrylic are its strength, durability, the ability to maintain its color and weather resistance. It is commonly known as Perspex. It has high resistance to ultraviolet light and is renowned for its superior optical clarity.
Acrylic is a highly popular choice when it comes to the manufacturing of sale displays, signs, visual merchandising, and a whole range of other products by using Laser Engravers Melbourne. With the help of a laser cutter eye catching LED signs, reception signs, and abstract LED light features can be created for both your home and office.
Why choose a Laser Cutter?
To complete a project, whether for a commercial client or a DIY homeowner, laser cutters in Sydney will cut the acrylic sheet as per the client’s requirement, with a lovely flame polished edge too. Extremely high detailed and crisp laser engraving can be achieved with the help of an acrylic laser cutter Sydney.
Acrylic sheets are available in a huge range of stunning colors, thicknesses and finishes. The most common applications of the material are in jewelry, ornaments, swing tags, invitations etc.
Otherwise the most extensive usage of acrylic is made in architectural models, signage and displays. The laser cutting solution providers in Sydney can customize laser cut acrylic products for the clients to suit their specific needs and requirements.
Laser Cutting Solutions
High quality workmanship is what one can expect from a company specializing in providing solutions with their acrylic laser cutter Brisbane. The laser cutting and laser engraving is provided with top quality results in addition to the excellent customer service. They facilitate the use of acrylic sheets in a wide range of applications.
All the acrylic sheets are cut with a clean, smooth and burr free edging. To get a glassy edge in the final finish, the edge re-solidifies immediately after being vaporized when the laser beam slices through the acrylic sheet. The prices for laser cutting services vary based on the material and design being processed.
The Ideal Material
Ideally, acrylic is the most suited material for laser cutting. The acrylic laser cutter in Melbourne follows the typical method of saw cutting; sanding and flame polishing all in one go!
Perspex, Plexiglas and Lucite are the types of acrylic sheets that can be cut with the help of a laser cutter, with a thickness of up to 50mm, while the other types of plastic materials’ thickness that can be placed under a laser cutter cannot be more than 25mm. No job is too small for a laser cutter, which results in a quick turnaround service time, which is within 24 hours for most of the projects. Small or large, there is a laser cutting solution for every project.
Here at Prytec Solutions, the range of applications being created by the laser cutters is endless, depending on the needs, industry, and requirements of the client.
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2020.11.03 11:29 PoolEvening5997 Seeking empathetic home owners

Hello! My partner and I have started the long slog towards saving for our first home and I’ve been seeking case studies of how others in the Brisbane area (ideally within 5-10kms) from the CBD went about saving for and buying their first home. I’m not finding anything very realistic or helpful and I’ve created a form that’s completely anonymous and if you have time I would so appreciate you contributing your home owner story.
Ideally looking for people who have purchased in the last 5-7 years or so.
provide your wisdom here
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2020.11.03 08:44 fcwaseda First appointment with CDA

Hey guys, got my first appointment with CDA at the Brisbane clinic tomorrow. Was wondering if you guys had any tips or advice? Ideally I want to be prescribed a heavy indica for my insomnia, thc oil, CBD oil and a sativa strain. It is too much to say that in the first appointment? How does it usually go? Cheers guys
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2020.11.02 10:35 twalsh995 Which subburb to live

Hi, moving to Melbourne in 2 weeks from Brisbane, have a job lined up in Scoresby and am looking for a area to live in. I havnt been to Melbourne and really have no idea. Ideally not too long of a commute but also has abit of social life in it (I am 25), would also be fantastic if it was easy to get out into nature from aswell. I understand you cant always have everything your way and might be a hard one but any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, T
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2020.11.02 04:35 snagbreac18 What's Going On At Collingwood.

**This was posted on Collingwood but I thought why not expand it to the greater community. It is written with 'we' and 'us' because it was designed purely for Collingwood supporters. Also, Logan McDonald is hypothetical and unlikely.
In the last few days, I've noticed a lot going on in terms of dialogue surrounding the Collingwood Football Club and the financial situation it finds itself in. Many players have been brought up and this post aims to analyse and provide a guess about what's actually going on at the club.
Dayne Beams
It's now been announced Beams and Collingwood will mutually part ways. Collingwood didn't win the trade exactly but at the same time, there wasn't much loss as the players recruited haven't stared.
Collingwood gained picks 41 and 44 with Beams which they on-traded. 41 and 44 never recruited anyone particularly amazing (Jack Bytel and Justin McInerney). If anything, the picks were used to gain selections and Collingwood was able to put them in a position to get Darcy Cameron. Remember, too, that when Beams went to Brisbane Jack Crisp, Levi Greenwood and Jordan de Goey became Magpies as a result of the trade. To end up with Cameron, Crisp, Greenwood and de Goey isn't exactly bad when all you had to give up was two first-rounders and a few minor pick exchanges. This may sound controversial but I think it is clear Collingwood won the trade. Especially given they got Jack Crisp basically as an added extra.
His salary will be reduced and a bit of a problem in terms of bookkeeping. However, a deal should be struck and this means more money to pursue a star or resign current players will be available in 2021.
The Treloar situation
Adam Treloar's situation has sparked much controversy. For a man who has done a lot for the club, you would think he'd be on the 'to keep' list. However, his contract still has 5 years to run and he's not getting any younger. Plus, the wage he is on is increasing every year. Many clubs sign players but their wage increases each year. This means they can delay paying them higher amounts until later on when some players may retire or be traded.
What's interesting is that the club wants to trade him. He is on the table and there for a home. Last year his name was brought up but he said 'no'. Clearly, he was disposable. There are two reasons as to why I can think the Magpies want to trade him.
  1. Mental health. He's struggled with issues before and perhaps, with a wife moving and being isolated from them for extended periods of time means he will struggle to perform
  2. Injury issues. It's no secret about Collingwood's woeful run with injuries. It would make sense to clear him out and recruit a fresh-bodied player.
  3. Nick Daicos. With Nick Daicos basically a Pie, someone will have to go from the midfield. Part of the trade could make sense.
Now the ideally, Treloar is worth at least one first-rounder, if not two. Logan McDonald presents himself as a good candidate and if the club could get him with the second or third pick then they would be doing themselves a lot of favours, especially once you add Reef McInnes into that mix.
A later pick this year and next could mean they are able to get Nick Daicos. The club knows he has the talent to be a serious influence and unlike his brother, he won't be so easy to recruit with a later pick. If they have two first-rounders next year from a trade.
To entice a club, Treloar and part of his salary could be given in exchange for two first-rounders.
Likely clubs: Gold Coast has said they are interested but won't pursue. This leaves me to suspect the Western Bulldogs (who may get something for Dunkley), Essendon and North Melbourne all shaping as contenders. North Melbourne would be a good fit for Treloar (only in terms of team balance because he wants to win a premiership in the next few years, and, without being mean, that looks about as likely as Daniel Gorringe being redrafted) and they would have the picks to trade.
I can see the panic from people but this is where I actually see it working well. Collingwood picks up someone like McDonald, uses him in the first team and hope to have a future star on their hands. They pay McDonald well, pay off Treloar at another club but also have the talent for the future and work to build McDonald into a star.
A note: McDonald was used theoretically. He probably won't be picked up but I could potentially see him working.
Tom Phillips, Jaidyn Stephenson, Mason Cox, Will Hoskin-Elliott, etc
Tom Phillips: Flippa is a good player on the wing. I feel as if, however, his time is up and that he will probably be traded. His form isn't so great and we didn't miss him when he was gone during his time on the sidelines. The likely candidate is Melbourne and Collingwood should let him go.
Mason Cox: Coxzilla is on the table to be traded but I think this is Collingwood seeing if anyone will pay for him. He is on a high salary but after that Elimination Final performance, I think he will stay. Yes, one good game doesn't make a star but with his eyes fixed, he could be a genuine forward. He strung together good games towards the end of the season and I see, with a few changes to the forward structure, him becoming a good player and kicking 20-25 goals in a season.
Jaidyn Stephenson: The Rising Star has been floated as tradeable. After a good first two seasons, this year was not so. What people need to remember is Glandular Fever can affect you for a while and his pre-season was interrupted. Also, he has OCD (I'm not joking, the AFL did something on this a while ago) and, when you have OCD, any interruption to a routine can have enormous effects on people's mental health. Off-field there have been some issues so perhaps he is in need of mentoring. It's not like he's a bad person as at school he was a perfect kid. Now he's an adult, perhaps some more one-on-one time would be good.
Will Hoskin-Elliott: The hyphen has been touted as tradeable. He might move but he'll probably stay. Collingwood is putting a for sale sign on a lot of stock. It doesn't mean much about whether it will sell.
Ned Guy
The recruiting program went wrong when too many good players went out and younger ones were brought in. Then attempts to attract players to the club were made. They were successful and as most contracts are up, we're burning through the cash in an attempt to resign them. Now, things aren't looking good because Collingwood is getting so close. Expect a star to go in the next few years because Collingwood cannot meet financial demands at this stage. He's not to blame so much as some poor drafting between 2012-2014. It gets difficult when you haven't got many talents down below to deal with.
Why this is happening
The answer in my belief is simple: YOUTH. The young players at Collingwood are good. At some point old dogs have to go so new ones can be taught the tricks (yes, I did make that wordplay up).
Defenders: Mark Keane, John Noble, Trent Bianco, Isaac Quaynor
Midfielders: Jay Rantall, Brayden Sier, Reef McInnes (if drafted).
Forwards: Will Kelly (but he can play in the backline), Trey Ruscoe.
Rucks: Darcy Cameron, Max Lynch
Kelly will play next year and I expect Bianco and Rantall to debut along with McInnes (if he gets drafted). We've had retirements but I think through trade, there will need to be spaces filled up for these very good players.
At the draft, one player I see a good fit would be Jackson Callow. A defender or forward, he has starred for North Launceston in the TSL and one 1x premiership, plus polled more than fifteen league B&F votes over two years. Pretty impressive for a teenager. His height means he could also ruck. Essendon is probably more likely to get him but he could well come to Collingwood and star.
One other thing
Sidebottom and de Goey should swap. At the start of the year, Sidebottom looked really good as a forward. I think him and de Goey are playing out of place and if the club did that then they could get maximum value for him to come free agency.
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2020.10.30 06:42 JimmyBob171 An actual storm forecast for tomorrow (Saturday 31/10/2020)

Courtesy of South Brisbane Storms.
Soooo the big question is upon us - will Saturday's thunderstorm outbreak live up to people's expectations in SEQ? Well that depends on what your exact expectations are......
Many individual storms will also likely be moving at blistering speeds from the NW (storm-steering winds aloft exceed an impressive 110km/hr from the NW on Saturday in some areas although the storms themselves won't move at this exact same speed).
There's not much doubt in my mind that showers and storms, some likely severe, will sweep across sections of SEQ (although for the Downs, only some far eastern sections are in with a chance) on Saturday ahead of an approaching trough and front, with the main peak in the afternoon/early evening.
Most factors are very favourable – very strong shear albeit a bit linear (up to 50 knots or more between the surface and middle atmosphere) and strong instability, aided further by cold air aloft moving across.
For those locations (not all) which get a severe storm, damaging winds will likely be the main threat...... short bursts of locally intense rainfall and large hail are also possible but widespread high rainfall accumulations will be a bit difficult given the speed of the activity and a bit less moisture in the lower atmosphere (there may well be some more localised good accumulations though)..... likewise giant hail risk will probably be more localised than the wind hazard.
But how severe the cells get and how many there'll be, will depend on these factors:
▪️Whether many of the storms will remain as individual cells and therefore have a higher potential to cause giant hail and destructive winds (but they'd still be localised) due to less interference from other nearby storms......... or whether they’ll merge into a big rainy mess or a big band (in which case, there’d probably still be some severe cells embedded in it with damaging winds/hail/heavy rain, but the main threat would shift more towards locally heavy rainfall and straightline strong winds). If I had to bet money on it, I'd say the 1st scenario will probably occur during the early stages before starting to transition to the 2nd scenario later in the afternoon in some sections closer to the coast.
▪️Whether any early development of cloud, showers, storms or patchy rain areas in the morning will remain localised enough for long enough so the atmosphere won't stabilise too much. Morning cloud cover and precipitation is always a risk whenever we have a strong upper level trough approaching but in tomorrow's case, the models I've seen don't have a huge amount of prolonged cloud and only a few have some brief localised precipitation in southwestern parts.
▪️Whether there's enough of a moister NNE afternoon seabreeze onto the coast to add extra moisture (I'm not the biggest fan of NW winds). This can also cause a bit of a seabreeze front near the coast which in turn causes winds to change direction a bit more with height in the lower atmosphere – this extra directional shear can then increase the chance of a few of the storms approaching the coast to start taking on supercell characteristics (tomorrow's shear away from the coast is fairly linear).
▪️Whether or not the steering winds aloft as well as the shear will be TOO strong. Very strong steering winds can sometimes mean that storms don't have much time while still over land to reach their full potential after interacting with the seabreeze front before they race out to sea. Likewise, excessively strong shear can lean storms over so much that it starts disrupting the ideal structure they need for supercell development. Despite this though, the volatility of Saturday's setup means that severe storms and localised supercell development can't be ruled out.
▪️Although there's no southerly wind change due on Saturday to lend a helping hand, this aspect shouldn't be much of a problem since there'll still be more than enough instability and shear to support strong storm potential.
Storm activity, some severe should also occur near the southern and central parts of the QLD coast in general, and eastern and southern NSW... as well as northeast VIC.
So keep an eye on the 256km weather radar at (if it goes down again, use Marburg, Gympie or Grafton radars depending on where you are) and warnings in case any strong storms come near you.
Here's an automatically generated thunderstorm map that covers the period between 6am and midnight on Saturday. For interest's sake, the purple areas on that map don't happen too often but I wouldn't read too much into those areas for now.
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2020.10.29 12:49 MinoConcretor Can Concretes Work In Canberra

Can Concretes Work In Canberra
PGA uses Italian-made components such as steel, aluminum, glass, stainless steel, and copper. Find your ideal job on SEEK to find 3-door jobs in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and the VIC. Get services from the PGA’s Canberra office, which is available in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane.
read more Can Concretes Work In Canberra
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2020.10.19 14:43 Gringo1234 I’m looking for someone to ‘supervise’ me during a ride or two.

Hi all, I recently read a suggestion that by posting a request on here, I may find someone willing to go for a ride or two with me so that I can gain a little experience before doing my RE test? I’m based in Brisbane (Northside) and am booked in for my RE test day in a few weeks time. I’m reasonably comfortable on the bike and have been for a few rides but with someone who doesn’t qualify as a supervisor. Ideally I’d get another 4 or 5 hours in before the test and want to do it by the book if I can. I’m not active on Facebook so am hoping one of you kind folks feels like take a learner out for a spin. If it matters, I’m male and late 40’s. I’m happy to pay for fuel and coffees!
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2020.10.11 13:26 flying_pugs Moving to Brisbane from Melbourne. Suburb suggestions for outdoor lovers with no kids

Hi everyone, my partner and I are moving up to Brisbane in about 6 weeks.
We both enjoy being outdoors - surfing, SUP, spearfishing, hunting, 4wd, camping, etc. Since my employer in Brisbane allows me to work remotely 3-4 days/week post covid (entirely remotely now), we’re prioritising lifestyle over proximity to the city.
We’ve been looking at suburbs that are near the water. Our budget is around $2000 - 2200 a month for a rental, ideally a house as we have a lot of gears. We’re happy with a commute time of up to 1.5 hours to Fortitude Valley by public transport. Would be great to be close to the freeway as my partner might travel for work. We don’t have kids so schools aren’t important to us.
So far we like Manly and Wynnum but feel that there might be more suburbs which fit the profiles. What other areas would you suggest us look into?
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2020.10.03 11:26 accommodationTinCan accommodation Tin Can Bay

Accommodation in Tin Can Bay boasts a fantastic location and provides a wonderful weekend or week-long getaway experience. The seaside village of Tin Can Bay is located on the southern end of Fraser Island—a World Heritage site—and just 90 minutes from the Sunshine Coast. Nestled along the Tin Can Inlet, the sleepy village adjoins the Great Sandy Strait and offers easy access to an array of local and natural attractions near the Sleepy Lagoon Motel accommodation.
Tin Can Bay is known for its ecotourism attractions, as well as its abundant wildlife—making it the ultimate drawcard for nature enthusiasts. With a laid back atmosphere and tranquil surroundings, this part of Queensland is the ideal escape from the nuances of the big city. Local attractions in and around Tin Can Bay include The Great Sandy National Park, the upper Noosa River, Rainbow Beach, Cooloola Cove, and three state forests surrounding the village.
The nearest airport to the accommodation in Tin Can Bay is the Maryborough Airport, which is about 55 kilometres away, while the Sunshine Coast Airport is approximately 120 kilometres from the accommodation. Furthermore, Brisbane can be reached in just under three hours, and the Gold Coast is a three-and-a-half-hour drive from the village. Tin Can Bay is the ideal location for a weekend escape from the city.
accommodation Tin Can Bay
Our Social Pages:
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